Annual report an effective and attractive marketing tool.

av Helena / mån 10 Dec 2012 / 0 kommentarer

Apart from being a document to communicate relevant financial details ,achievements and plans from the previous year, the annual report has also a second purpose, ”marketing your company”. Is a cost and time efficient way of getting your message out effectively.

Having a statement of intent or explanation of your company’s future vision is an important marketing tool.  It presents you as a forward-thinking organisation with an eye to future success.

Points to remember in putting together an annual report
• Organise
• Keep your report concise
• Simplify (So people can still follow and gain information from the report)
• Make it efficient and easy to understand
• Help them get in touch with you
• Good Design- Work out your format.

The report is an extension of your organisation and those who read it are going to draw conclusions about you. We (HBRD) can help you to make it from the content to the design and make it competently done, well presented, clear, accurate, clearly focused and containing vision and passion, so people can see that as representative of your company generally.